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As part of our loyalty programme youth members can refer a friend to one of our youth classes by January the 31st 2018 and as a thank you receive the following benefits: 

  • A £20 Amazon Voucher.

  • 2 free guest tickets to your next show.

  • Entrance into our free prize draw to win 6 month's free membership.

  • *Terms & Conditions apply

To refer a friend, please begin the online application below or ask you tutor for an application form in your class. We will then contact your friend directly to invite them to the chosen class.

Terms & Conditions


  • Only current members can apply 

  • The offer is not open to former members

  • Their is no cash in value for show tickets

  • Show tickets are redeemable before your next show.

  • Show tickets are not transferable

  • There is no cash in value for the 6 month free membership prize, nor is this prize transferable.

  • Winner of the 6 month free membership prize will be announced on the 28/02/2018

  • Benefits will only be issued if a friend becomes a new member of a class

  • After the referred friend becomes a confirmed member, benefits may take up to 4 weeks to be issued.

  • Referred friend must remain a member for at least 6 weeks in order for benefits to become redeemable.

  • Class Act Drama Centre reserve the right to not offer places or new membership.

  • Amazon vouchers will be issued directly to the parent or legal guardian of the current member who referred their friend. Only 1 voucher is issued per application.

  • Current members can make multiple applications for more than one friend, however due to space, applications maybe limited if class ratios cannot accommodate numbers.

  • Class Act Drama Centre have a limited amount of places and can only offer refer a friend applications on a first come first served basis.

If you experience any difficulty submitting your form please email us directly at

To send wait for the hand icon to appear then click send.

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