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What we offer

Class Act Drama Centre has been successfully providing professional drama training through classes, courses and workshops for both adults and children across the Midlands since 1997. 


What we offer 


Children’s Classes

Adult Classes

Adult Courses 

Drama Clubs

Specialist Workshops

Intensive Training

Private 1-2-1 Tuition


In addition to offering training Class Act Drama Centre produces stage shows, script commissions and film projects.



What are the benefits of drama training 

There are many positive benefits of undertaking drama training, the most important being that of helping young people and adults to gain self confidence. Training also promotes, concentration, focus, team work , logical thinking and problem solving. Drama assists with language, communication skills , sight reading and enhances vocabulary. Being part of a class can help to promote emotional intelligence, empathy and can nurture life long friendships, which are reflected in our 21st birthday celebrations.


Working upon narrative stories can also help young people make sense of the world around them through the exploration of characters. Co-ordination and physical development are enhanced by the physical and active nature of our training, whilst providing a safe outlet for members to express themselves creatively.

Our specific training is designed to encourage members "how" to think creatively rather than to be told "what" to think, therefore allowing an enjoyment of their own ideas and creative input.


Our drama training also allows both young people and adults the foundation to pursue a professional career in the performing arts and depending upon the age of our member is GCSE, A'Level, BTEC and degree compatible.

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