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Public Speaking Confidence Course


Spring Offers Valid until June 21st 2024

The following classic course is designed for students who need to build personal confidence with public speaking and different types of presentations. 

The course explores actor's preparation, rehearsal and performance techniques, guiding students through exercises that can improve preparation and delivery and enhance overall public speaking confidence. No previous acting or public speaking experience is necessary.

This specialist course is designed by professional acting coaches and directors with over 25 years worth of industry experience. Taught by qualified tutors who hold postgraduate higher degrees within this field of study and are members of the British Actor’s Union Equity. 

Having successfully coached public speaking students, tutors recognise the unique needs and differences between students who have a deep seated fear of public speaking, through to those wishing to develop a more effective presentation delivery or work towards a specific outcome or event​

The classic course has now been upgraded and features an online public speaking component, with teaching units exploring how to prepare and deliver successful online presentations for virtual audiences.

The classic course is tailored to the individual student’s needs, with self-pacing one to one coaching, with new course options now available offering further dedicated support including multi student access and group options


To find out more about this course and additional options visit the Public Speaking Confidence Course series direct.

Courses are provided exclusively by The Actor's Edge Online Series.

Spring offers available unit June 31st 2024.

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