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Christmas & New Year Timetable 2019/2020

Office, Classes & Enrolment

Monday Classes- Last Class 16th of Dec 2019 closed 23rd of Dec 2019 & 30th of Dec 2019. Return 6th of Jan 2020.


Tuesday Classes- Last Class 17th of Dec 2019, closed 24th of Dec 2019 & 31st of Dec 2019. Return 7th of Jan 2020

Wednesday Classes- Last Class 18th of Dec 2019, closed 25th of Dec 2019 & 1st of January 2020. Return 8th of Jan 2020.

Thursday Classes- Last Class 19th of Dec 2019, closed 26th of Dec 2019 & 2nd of Jan 2020. Return 9th of Jan 2020.

Saturday Classes- Last Class 21st of Dec 2019, closed 28th of Dec 2019 & 4th of Jan 2020. Return 11th of Jan 2020.



and a HAPPY NEW YEAR  from the

Class Act Drama Centre Team

Offices will be closed from

Dec 20th 2019 to Jan 6th 2020 

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