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May the 13th 2017


Studio One
The Custard Factory,
Gibb Street, Digbeth,
Birmingham, B9 4BF


To become a member of the film workshops open auditions will be held on Saturday the 13th of May 2017.  Those who are successful will go on to star in a short film, work with professional directors and crew on film projects and be invited to screenings of their performances. All filming will take place locally. Training, direction and rehearsal will be provided by professional acting coaches and directors. 


Audition priority will be given to those who have booked places. To avoid disappointment please organise an audition by completing the form below. Please note it is unlikely that those attending on the day without a booking will be seen

Before Booking 


Auditions will be allocated on a first come first served basis and are open to young people aged 7 to 17 years of age. Auditions can only be allocated by filling in and completing the online form below. If you need any help with your form please email for assistance. Please make sure that you have read and understood the Questions & Answers relating to the film workshops at the bottom of this page so that you are fully informed, do not submit your form until you have done so. Parental permission must be granted to attend. If you book an audition and cannot attend please let organisers know promptly so that your place can be offered to another candidate on the waiting list, contact details will be supplied when your audition confirmation is sent. Audition pieces will be sent to you based upon your age and gender.






Questions & Answers


How long are the auditions and what should I expect  ?


Each audition will last for approximately 1 hour.  Auditions will not be filmed at this stage. You will receive an audition script, which will be emailed to you prior to audition. It will not be compulsory to learn lines, although it would be preferred. One of our tutors or other young actors will read in for any other parts that are required in your audition script. Spare copies will be available at the audition should you forget yours. We will also ask you to act within improvised scenes with other young people based upon themes in the script. Improvising in this way is designed to be a fun and enjoyable experience and to help young actors relax and be creative. Please bring a copy of your confirmation details with you.  You will receive a formal offer within 14 days of your audition either by post or email. We anticipate that from the time you book in to the time your audition will be completed will be 1hr 10 mins.




What the panel are looking for at audition ?


Our panel of experienced directors and tutors are looking for enthusiastic actors to work with, who are willing to learn and who show a natural ability in front of an audience and camera, experience is not necessary and they look forward to working with complete beginners or those who have had previous experience. Directors from the theatre and film industry, including experienced acting coaches and chaperones will be involved in the audition workshop. They will include directors from Class Act Drama Centre and B9 Films & Media.  Collectively they will share over 30 years worth of relevant experience whilst still attempting to make candidates feel as relaxed and as comfortable as possible ensuring the very best from audition performances. 



If I am successful what will happen ?  


You will be offered a place in a weekly film workshop class and be cast in a film project, a formal offer will be sent to you for your consideration with full details about the project you have been chosen for.The weekly rehearsal workshop will be held at The Custard Factory on Saturday mornings from 10am-11.30am.




Who are Class Act Film Workshops ?



Class Act Film Workshops are affiliated to Class Act Drama Centre which has been established for over 20 years and works with both young people and adults on a variety of drama projects, producing  over 30 stage shows per year and offering professional training from industry directors, actors and tutors.  Class Act’s staff are trained to post-graduate level, DBS checked and members of Equity.


How much do the Film Workshops cost ? Fees & Funding


Class Act’s Film Workshops collaborative projects are not reliant on external funding. Each member of the filming workshops will have a membership fee of £39 per calendar month for their training and participation in the project from May 2017 to Feb 2018. Successful siblings will be offered a discounted rate. There are 5 scholarship places that provide free training for successful members who are not in a financial position to contribute to fees, please see the section below. Fees include weekly training in a Film Acting Workshop by trained members of staff, copies of royalty free scripts & materials, access to equipment and rehearsal rooms. Other costs will include a one off filming fee of £40 for each member which is payable before the film shooting commences and covers film crew’s costs and expenses, costume & prop provision where relevant, editing & production costs and insurances. Each member can attend their own screening free of charge, however if they require further tickets to their screening they are available at a cost of £8 each. Should a member require a DVD of their film, this will also be available to purchase after the initial screening at a cost of £11.99, bulk purchases will be discounted.


Funding for scholarships


There are 5 scholarship places that provide free training for successful members who are not in a financial position to contribute to fees. Funding is competitive, will require means testing and cannot be guaranteed. Funding for individual scholarships may be offered as a full or partial scholarship and is offered by the contributions of private individuals into Class Act Drama Centre’s scholarship fund.



When will filming take place, how does the schedule work ?


Pre-production will start in May 2017 and members will attend a weekly training Film Acting Workshop from late May 2017, shooting will take place throughout September-December 2017 at times that are easily scheduled for all casts. Screenings will be in February 2018. Dates and schedules will all be confirmed with successful candidates. ** Please note that some venues film schedules may alter due to circumstances beyond our control such as weather constraints.




Screenings will be at small local theatres with cinema screens such as The Custard Factory Mockingbird Cinema & Theatre and The Highbury Theatre Centre. All of the cast will be invited to a premiere of their screenings.



Content & Legal considerations: What I need to know


Each performer  if successful will be expected to sign a release form which is industry standard and will outline where the film is expected to be shown and relevant permissions. Project content will be appropriate to age groups.


What happens when the project finishes ? can I continue with new projects ?


If you wish to be involved in the next project you can sign up again immediately after your project is completed. You will also be given priority over those on the waiting list.


Further Information


Full details will be provided to all successful candidates





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